Course Descriptions

AP/YDSH 1000 6.0 Elementary Yiddish Language

INSTRUCTOR: Keith (Kalman) Weiser

PREREQUISITE: None. This course is an introduction to Yiddish designed for students with no previous knowledge of the language, no formal training in the language and with little family background, if any. Department Course Entry Authorization slip PRIOR TO ENROLMENT.

DESCRIPTION:This course is an introduction to the Yiddish language and the culture of the Ashkenzai Jews. Using both the prescribed text and additional material handed out in class, you will learn to express yourself in both written and spoken Yiddish. You will acquire strategies that will help you to continue to study Yiddish independently by developing your understanding of the structures of the language.

FORMAT: Four class hours per week.

EVALUATION: Class participation and attendance 10%; home assignments 10%; quizzes 15%; oral presentation 10%; Winter Term test 25% written, 10% oral; Mid-term test 20%.

TEXTS: Sheva Zucker Yiddish I